Dance Away..

I’ve had repeated dreams and imagery the last few weeks of dancing with a dark haired stranger around a large bonfire..Now i dont dance at all and i have no idea where this idea is going or even came from, as with many of them but when i get sent messages like this it makes me smile and wonder what the universe is upto.

As Roxy music would say ย “Dance away the heartache”

โ€œDancing is not just getting up painlessly,ย 

like a leaf blown on the wind;ย 

dancing is when you tear your heart outย 

and rise out of your bodyย 

to hang suspendedย 

between the worlds.โ€

– Rumi


Love, light. Sat Nam, Go-Om-ng and out

Personal Challenge – Snowden or Bust.

This trip was for this lady, the last thing we spoke about was me climbing this mountain 12 hours later see passed away.

So Mum I made it was cold,damp and a fucking nightmare but itโ€™s one more off the list and another challenge faced.

The challenge is to take what life gives you and make the most out of every situation, lesson come in many forms and we grow with them good or bad.

The lessons learnt on the mat in all of my chosen arts have all come into play over the last few weeks and im thankful for everything i’ve achievedย  learnt and the support from those around me.


Love, light. Sat Nam, Go-Om-ng and out.

Spiritual Day Trip.

Occasionally it’s more than just talking and participating in a yoga/gong class as either the teacher or the student (As we are always both to everyone).

Journey’s with new Friends are always fun if you can survive a road trip for a few hours then chances are you will get on.


So what better places to visit during the last days of summer than two henges after an early morning Meditation session and all thanks to David and Sil the shiney new addition to T&G Yoga (Thanks fully she’s aware she’s going to have to work for the adventure side of things…).



Love, light. Sat Nam, Go-Om-ng and out.

Energies overload.

Apart from the last few lines, this about sums up Wednesday morning. So much for a break…



I’m going to hope that these are famous last words (And no disrespect ladies). plenty of information/books websites etc in the Yoga world on the Divine Feminine aspects of things.

Im either missing it, not ready for it or what i’m looking for isn’t currently out there yet, food for thought along the path.

Love, light. Sat Nam, Go-Om-ng and out.

Change is the only constant



One of myself this time, been an odd day with lots coming up and lots passing bye.

In all after a year off away from everyone Iโ€™ve loved,liked and well even those I have just a passing acquaintances with I feel like myself work is done for now and Iโ€™m being given an opportunity to get back to what matters.

The training the lessons and the saving like mad for future plans all seem to be bearing fruit so….

Hopefully come September I can get back to living. Will it be open arms or cold shoulders. Only time will tell.



Love, light. Sat Nam, Go-Om-ng and out.